Designs I’m following

Here’s some work-in-progress stuff I’ve got on my radar. Things I’m trying to playtest, things I’m taking inspiration from, things I’m providing feedback for, and so forth.

Star World. A young, active design. It’s a space setting (when I finally get around to reviewing my games collection, you’ll notice a theme), aiming to access a space between things like BSG, Star Trek and others where authority, loyalty and honor within a crew or other hierarchy comes up against the problems of not-dying in space as well as solving that and other problems efficiently.

Star Wars World — A really slick looking hack that’s fairly far along and reasonably active. It needs a new name, in my opinion, quite desperately. It also needs not to be the Star Wars of the films in my opinion, but the mechanics don’t enforce the film’s vision–just enough elements of the fiction to give you Mystical Space Fantasy and the basic character archetypes in Star Wars media–not the most specific archetypes in the world, but that’s fine, this hack gives them all a little something. The best part is Death Moves; when you die, you get a new character … but you fire a parting mechanical shot of some sort. Dead Jedi can visit other players as a Force Spirit (even though they have a new character, too) and screw with the game’s fiction.

The Sprawl — I’m actively testing this alpha-build hack out. It’s a Cyberpunk game by way of Gibson. It makes some slick changes to the AW rule-set … and leaves out some tools I’m going to miss like the Playbook specials and whatnot. I’m going to see how it plays, reserving judgment until a few sessions have passed. Then I’m going to go back over my own Cyberpunk hack and see how I feel about the two of them and whether or not their designs can learn from one-another. Sprawl has it’s heart in the right spot, and it is a thoroughly playable Hack with plenty of theme and twist on the AW formula.

There are more, but this is the AW stuff that jumps out at me. I’ll be putting up a page somewhere on here for design stuff once I figure out how I want to organize it. In the mean time, I’ll start throwing little posts like this on the walls when I see something that intrigues me or when I check up on a design I’d forgotten for a while.


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Lives for music. Longs for sturdy sails and a stiff sea-breeze. Devourers information. Loves curling up with a good book, a good video game, or photographs of Earth's fuzzier creatures. Is quickly becoming obsessed with board games. That'll do for now.

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