Vis Insita is a collection of writings on entertainment media as it develops. It covers music, film, television, literature and games. Mostly games. Because games are so new and yet so far along the development cycles seen for every new medium that has carried our entertainment to us. They’re fun, and increasingly they are engaging, thought-provoking little snippets of interactive magic. The content in games, and the reactions both of players and non-players to that content, reflects societal issues back at us in valuable ways. Video games in particular move along in closer concert with our fastest growing and most rapidly changing resource: technological complexity. But games are not alone in this. Films use that same technology to take us to places we haven’t been before and some of the best works of fiction look at the changes technology causes in our world and ask us if we really want to end up where we’re going.

There’s something other than entertainment and technology that ties these mediums together, though. It isn’t escapism, exactly, at least it doesn’t have to be. All of these things tap into our want for motion, our want for new experiences we can’t have. That spark is what I’m after. That Vis Insita, always conserved even when energy gets cold and heads south for the winter. It is the inertial qualities of media that excite me, that I want to dive into: into the aims, pace, and impact of our entertainment and what its developmental arc tells us about ourselves.


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